Bird Feeder - Minnesota

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Bird feeder - description

Bird Feeder Minnesota, USA.
About this camera:
This live bird camera follows a bird feeder on an open grassy meadow, near the woods. In daylight you will see a bird feeder on the platform, with sunflower seeds, crushed corn, peanuts, tallow and other treats. At night, the view switches to a ground feeder with chicken. The platform is made of wood and mesh, which allows water to drain and helps maintain fresh seeds.
Here is a short list of feeders visitors: Cardinals, Blue Jays, Crested Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Tit, Nuthatch, Chaffinch, Robin, Sparrows, Rabbits, Opossums, Crows, Field Mice, Red Squirrels, Gray Squirrels,
This is a Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera. Sometimes you see a close-up view, and sometimes you can see from a distance.

Bird feeder - live

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