Black stork webcam from nest in Poland

author: | 13, 2019 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 34 comments

Stork black - description

The black stork's nest, Ciconia nigra, is one of the many activities carried out under the POIS project called: "Stork in the Forests". The project is run by SGGW Research Institute in Rogowa.
The oak nest is occupied by birds for many years. In 2019, a male 17.03 arrived, a female three days later. The first egg appeared 5. April, the first chick hatched 9. May. Unfortunately, the oak is completely dry and the nest is very heavy and on a dry branch. That is why the company built an artificial platform next to the oak in the spring, but the birds chose an old nest. The camera is located on an adjacent pine tree. Broadcasting is the result of cooperation between the KOO and the Sierak Forest.

Black stork - live

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