Hummingbird - Drinking fountains in California

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Drinkers for hummingbirds - description

This hummingbird feeding station is provided by Carole and is located in Los Angeles, California.

Carole has been feeding the hummingbirds continuously for 8 years, which is one reason why it attracts so many visitors every day. Sometimes they have to fill feeders up to three times a day! Hummingbirds drink nectar so fast that you can almost see the fluids drop. Nectar is made from one part sugar and four parts water.

Carole takes pictures of every kind of hummingbird on the planet! There are more than 350 species and currently photographed about 150 of them. Their next trip will be to Columbia, where they plan to climb the mountain and look for a rare species of Blue Beared, which was once considered extinct!

Thank you to webcam operators:

Hummingbird drinking fountains - live

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