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Barn Owl - description

This is a vivid look into one of the ten owl nests burnt at MRWMD in Marina, California. This nesting pair moved on March 3, 2019 and the first egg appeared on March 7. By 25 March, 9 eggs were observed. All owls hatched from April 24. Mom and Dad are named Luna and Sol.

The Barn Owl was first discovered in a recycling building in 2017. The Salinas High School Green Academy then built 10 owl booths, which were installed in February 2018, to encourage owls to nest outside than inside a recycling building. Barn owls now provide a natural form of pest control in MRWMD.

This webcam is powered by a solar source and may not be available 24 hours a day due to available sunlight and battery storage.

Thank you to webcam operators:

Barn Owl - Live

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