Siberian tiger in the Port Lympne animal park enclosure

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Ussuri Tiger - description

Amba and Amura are Siberian tigers, the females arrived in Port Lympne Reserve in 2018 and will be five in April. They are now in a closed enclosure built into Tiger Lodge.

Port Lympne Wildlife Sanctuary near Hythe, Kent, England, covers an area of ​​2,4 km2 and includes a historic mansion and landscaped gardens.
John Aspinall bought the manor with Edwardian estate near Lympne in 1973; the intention was to solve the lack of space in the nearby Howletts Wild Animal Park. It was opened to the public in 1976. Since 1984, animal parks have been owned by a charity (John Aspinalle Foundation, currently run by Damian Aspinall). The collection is known as unorthodox, encouraging close personal relationships between staff and animals and for breeding rare and endangered species. The park now has tigers, lions, leopards, gorillas, bears, giraffes and the largest British herd of black rhinos. The facility also plans to release some animals into the wild.
The rooms are richly decorated and overlook the landscaped gardens and the various enclosures. The latest accommodation options are Lion Hall and Giraffe Manor with 20 bedrooms.

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Ussuri Tiger - live

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