Veveří pavilion webcam from the cavity of a tree

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Red squirrel - description

Squirrel is a medium-sized rodent squirrel that inhabits wide areas ranging from Western Europe to East Asia. In the Czech Republic, we find it in the forests of all types, parks, alleys, large gardens or tree-growing cemeteries [2] It has a red, black and sometimes brown coat.

Squirrel usually grows 19 to 23 cm and reaches weights between 250 and 340 g sometimes and more. The calf tail that helps maintain balance when climbing and jumping on trees and which squirrel uses as a "cover" for sleeping body is 14,5 to 20 cm long. Characteristic of the squirrel is the tassel of hairs on the earlobes, pointing to the tip and visible especially during the winter. Like most tree squirrels, our squirrel also has sharp and curved claws that help climb the branches of the trees.
60 to 80% of the day spends searching for food, which consists mainly of cone seeds, mushrooms that dry in their nests, bird eggs, various fruits such as nuts, but occasionally enjoy fresh fresh meats. Part of the food found is stored in its "pithirin" in the cavities of the trees, which provide it with an excellent supply of food in the most difficult times. When consuming food, he sits like most of the squirrels on a "bob", keeping food in his forelegs.
Squirrel is a protected species in most European countries. This is also true in the Czech Republic, where it is currently according to Decree No. 395 / 1992 Sb. declared to be an endangered species.

Red squirrel - live

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