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Great eagle owl - description

A big, big bird and one of the largest owls, bigger than a forest hawk, but on the other hand clearly smaller than a rock eagle. Female is heavier than male and has a wider span of wings. [3] Body length is 60-75 cm, 160-188 cm wingspan. The weight of the male is in the range of 1500-2800 g, females between 1750-4200 g. [4]
The silhouette of the seated big ears is hardly interchangeable, because the head has distinct, moving eyelets (like ears). Due to its size, it is a relatively unambiguous designation. The color is very variable, generally yellow (orange-brown) with dark brown spots, a lighter shade of the same with a distinctive longitudinal dark spot and a fine translucent marble. In the area of ​​the neck and around the beak, the feathers are lighter to white. The iris is fiery orange. Legs and fingers are covered with fine, usually yellowish to rusty feathers. The youngsters are initially covered with a fine yellowish-white powdery feather, after the plumage they have darker colors and drawings.

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Great eagle owl - live

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