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Abatros laysan - description

Albatros laysan is a large sea bird that moves across the northern Pacific. He is the second most common bird in the Hawaiian archipelago, its number is estimated to be 2,5 for millions of individuals, and its occurrence is expanding to new islands (probably new areas are returning).

Nesting 2018
This year there are three nests on the camera. Separate nest (nest # 1) includes female Namaka (ringed KP085) and male Aukele (KP669). There are two nests in the palm of the palm; The closest nest on the camera (2 #) is Moana (H633) and Manawanui (KP796), who successfully bred Honu in 2016. Albatrosi nests furthest from the camera (nest # 3) are female Bennie (H632) and male Jett (K747),
who did not succeed in last year's nesting.

Albatros of the laysan-alive

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Live camera from nesting of sea birds on Hawaii.

Laysan albatross is a large seabird that ranges across the North Pacific. It is the second most common seabird in the Hawaiian Islands, with an estimated population of 2.5 million birds, and is currently expanding (or possibly re-expanding) its range to new islands. Albatross is a persistent flyer, lives by water and his wings can be even 3 meters long.

The oldest laysan albatross has 51 years. [: De]

Live-Camera aus Verschachtelung der Seevögel auf Hawaii.

Laysanalbatros ist groß Seevogel, die die Nordpazifik liegt. It is also worth seeing in the Hawaii-Inseln, with the 2,5 Millionen Vögel and the beer of the Mönchengladbach (from the Möglicherweise erneiter). Albatros ist persistent Flyer, lebt von Wasser und seine Flegel können sogar drei Meter lang sein.
Der älteste Albatros hat 51 Jahre. [: Fr]

Caméra de la nidification des oiseaux de mer sur Hawaii.

L'Albatros de Laysan is the largest seabird in the Pacific Ocean. It is estimated that seabirds plus communal dans les hawaii, with a population estimated at 2,5 millions of oiseaux, and is currently expanding expansion to a gamma de nouvelles îles. Albatros est dépliant persistent, par par é eau et ses ailes peuvent et être même 3 mètres de long.
He is also an albatross ancien of 51 ans.

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