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Albatros royal webcam from nesting

author: | 28, 2016 | Australia, Live cameras from nature | 149 comments

Royal albatros - description

1 webcam albatross royal in New Zealand
Suitable time to watch from 22.00 hours of our time

Albatros with its wingspan, which can reach up to 3,5 meter, is one of the largest birds in the world. The body is about 120 centimeters long. The maximum weight is 9 kg. A massive beak adapted to fish catches albatross among the king of the sky. They live in monogamous pairs that rarely break down, for example, if they can not make young seasons for several seasons. Nesting is energetically demanding for birds, smaller species nestle one or two years, more than two or three. The bigger the bigger the egg and the longer the eggs are, the longer it takes for the young to eat, from the egg to the plumage it takes for almost a year.

Albaros royal - live

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