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Pink rosette, heron, Nesyt american, alligators

On the camera we can watch the following animals in particular: Pink Colt, Herons, Nesyt americký, alligators
The rose pink is a large wading bird of the ibis family

80 cm increases and 120-130 cm measures the wingspan. It has long legs, a neck and a long flat beak. Adult birds are all predominantly pink, with unsightly greenish throat and light neck and chest. Gender is very similar in color.

Food searches in the shallow or coastal waters for the dandelion in a typical way: slowly wading through the water and the open beak while swinging from side to side until it encounters prey, usually crustaceans or other small invertebrate animals. Often he stays in groups. It nests in mangrove swamps, nests in bushes or trees. The cluster counts 2-5 white eggs with a brown spot. The young birds are white with a feathered top.

Alligators, Herons Kolpík - live

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