National Geographic documentary about silent killer - Anakond. Anakonda is found in tropical South America. The most widespread species is Anaconda big. The largest confirmed anaconda length is 845 cm. However, there are still reports of much larger specimens. In 1960, a 845 centimeter long shot was shot in Brazil. It was a female weighing 227 kilograms and its body circumference was 111 centimeters. Her body at the widest point measured 35 centimeters. [: En]

Document of National Geographic about silent killer - anaconda. Anaconda is found in tropical South America. Mostly common is green anaconda. In 1960 in Brazil was shot 845 cm long individual. It was female and she has 227 kilograms in weight. This is the largest confirmed anaconda, but there are probably more individuals even bigger than this. [: De]

Documentary from National Geographic from Stiller Killer - Anakonda. Anakonda ist im tropischen Südamerika. Meist verbreitete Art ist grün Anakonda. Im Jahr 1960 in Brasilien wurde 845 in langen Einzel geschossen. Es war weiblich, und sie hat 227 Kilogramm Gewicht. Dies ist die größte bestätigter Anakonda, aber es gibt wahrscheinlich mehr Menschen noch größer als diese. [: Fr]

Document National Geographic à propos de tueur silencieux - anaconda. Anaconda is a tropical rainforest of the Amérique du Sud. At plupart du temps type commun est anaconda vert. En 1960 have Bresil and 845 cm de long individual. Elle et une femme et elle and 227 kilograms. If you have an anonymous confirmation, you will have a probability plus personnes encore plus que cela.

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