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Ants - Documentary

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Ants - description

A videotape about an ant farm built by scientists who have put millions of ants brought out of nature.
Ants are one of the most successful groups of insects in the animal kingdom, and are therefore of particular interest to scientists - myrmekologists, ecologists, biosociologists. This success is attributed to their social way of life and specialization. Ants are social insects living in colonies in built nests. An ant colony can initially count only a few individuals, but can also reach several million individuals. There are known cases where related colonies create supercolonies of several thousand kilometers. Sometimes the ant colony is referred to as a superorganism for its high degree of organization above the level of an individual.
A new queen founded an ant queen. After leaving the nest, the ants carry a wedding flight, during which the queens are fertilized with males. The queen puts her male ejaculate at the end of her buttocks, the so-called sperm, and uses male sperm for life. Ant's males are going to die for days. The queen finds a suitable place to nest a nest, builds a simple anthill, and raises the first generation of workers. From that moment onwards, the workers are taking care of food and defense of the colony, and the queen only cares about laying eggs. The very foundation of the colony is the richest period in the life of the anthill, and the vast majority of the queens will become victims of predators or die in this period.
Ants can create a few castes, the queen, the same caste and the workers are the basic castes. Large workers with unusually developed chunks are called soldiers. Individual castes can vary greatly in size and body shape, for example, the Atta worker can be up to 300 × heavier than any other worker from the same nest. Each colony usually has at least one queen and several workers.
Ants are insects with perfect transformation. The larvae are hatched from the egg, which after a certain period of time will curl, and an adult will hatch from the hood.

Ants - documentary

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