Seahorse in the aquarium

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Seahorse - description

The horseshoe is known for its atypical body shape and head that resembles the horse's head. We find it mostly at the bottom, like to stay in the same place. The horseshoe is often referred to as a dwarf hobby. Its size is usually around 17 centimeters. The largest individual recorded was measured by 17,5 cm. It is a small fish that lives in the North-East Atlantic Ocean. The young are not wearing a female but a male. He has a pouch on his abdomen, which releases chicks in the surrounding water.

Seahorse - live

[: en]

Online camera from aquarium of weedy seadragon.

Seadragon is related to the seahorse and they are very similar to each other. Seadragon has, unlike seahorse, small leaf-like appendages that provide good camouflage for him. He can reach around 45 cm in length.

It is a small fish that is endemic to the waters of Australia. More precisely in the waters of the Eastern Indian Ocean and in the South Western Pacific Ocean. Like seahorses, seadragon males who for eggs. And that's very rare in nature. [: De]

Online-Camera aus dem Aquarium von Seedrachen.
Seedrachen wird dem Seenadeln bezogen und sie sind sehr ähnlich zueinander. Seedrache hat, im Gegensatz zu Seenandeln, kleine Blatt-artigen Forts, die für ihn gute Tarnung bieten. Er cann 45 cm in der erreichen.

Es ist klein, Fische, die zu den Gewässern von Australien endemisch ist. Genauer gesagt den den Gewässern des östlichen Indischen Ozean und im Südwesten Pazifischen Ozean. Wie Seenadeln, equal Seedrache Männer für Eier. [: Fr]

Camera in the adventice aquarium aquarium line.

The Dragon de mer feuillu est de la hippocampes et les sont très semblables les aux aux autres. Seadragon a, to the diffrence of hippocampus, petite leafs of appendices for four non-camouflage pour's. It looks like 45 cm longueur environ.

It is a small fish that is endemic in Australia. More precisely in the waters of the ocean of India and in the south coast of the Pacific Ocean. As hippocampus, the men of the dragon of the sea become young for horses. And this is very rare in nature.

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