Jellyfish in the aquarium

author: | Led 31, 2016 | Mořský svět, Live cameras from the zoo | 0 comments

Jellyfish - description

Jellyfish have different shapes, not only bell-shaped, but also flattened (above just slightly convex and slightly concave). The upper surface is called exumbrella and the lower part of the subumbrella. The mouths are located at the bottom. The digestive cavity consists of a cuticle and radially located channels that point outwards. On the edge of the disc are sensory organs and tentacles.

The largest jellyfish is probably a huge platter living in the North Atlantic. In rare cases, individuals with a 2 meter width and 37 meter lengths were found.

Jellyfish - live

Jellyfish - live

Jellyfish - live

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