Bird feeder - Republic of South Africa

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Bird feeder - description

A bird feeder is located in a suburban garden in Pretoria, South Africa. The bird feeder is placed between the trees about 6 meters above the ground.
This bird camera is brought to us by Allen BirdCam, which has been streaming live since 2010!
What foods are in the feeder?
Fruits such as apples, bananas and pears are usually used. You will also see specially prepared meat and tallow served several times a day. The tubular feeder has mixed bird seed inside and the glass feeder is full of nectar water.
Species observed on the feeder
African pigeon, Gray hornbill, Crested hoopoe, Olive pigeon, Strdimil amethyst, African thyme, Senegalese bat, Wahlberg's eagle, Collared beard, Angolan butterfly, Cape kingfisher, White-browed cuckoo, Gray-necked cuckoo, Cape crow, , South African Wagtail, Damar Dove, Cape Ringworm, Afrotropical Shrike, Levaillant's Beard, Amadina Banded, Glossy Cuckoo, Garden Bulbul, African Drongo, Gray Sparrow, Gray-headed Sparrow, House Sparrow, Ibis hagedaš, African Hammerhead, Senegalese, Combo-eared, Black-and-white crow, Turaco-gloss, Hoopoe,
Red-eyed Dove, South African Mouse, Amadina Red-headed, Red-winged Starling, Alexander the Great, Strdimil Senegalese, Afrotropical Shrike, Yellow Weaver, Brown-winged Mouse, Spotted Pigeon, African Eagle Owl, Spotted Woodpecker, Spiny Wagtail

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Bird feeder - live

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