A big webcam from the nest with the young

author: | May 12, 2017 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 21 comments

Great Bustard - description

Bataurus (Botaurus stellaris) is a medium-sized species of waded bird of the heron family.
Pheasant sizes; increases the length of 69-81 cm and measures the 100-130 cm in the wingspan. The weight in females ranges between 817-1150 g, in males between 966-1940 g. Compared to herons, it has a more coarse body, a short neck and a subtle brown color with a darker spot and waves. The beak and limbs are green-yellow. Both sexes are colored the same way.
He lives very conceivably, at risk, he has a characteristic erect attitude, stretching his neck with his beak upward and thanks to his camouflage color he will perfectly blend with the surrounding reeds. This behavior can be observed already in youngsters of older 8 days

Great Bustard - live


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