Black stork - webcam from the nest in Estonia

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Black stork - description

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This nest of black storks is located in the Karula National Park, which is probably the best breeding place for Black storks in Estonia today. The nest was found in February 2016 by members of the Eagle Club. Karula National Park in the south of Estonia is an ideal place for nesting and breeding black storks. The two adult birds we watch on the nest are named Karl II and Kaia.

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The nest of black storks is located in the Estonian region of Jõgevamaa. This breeding area has been known since the late 90s, when black storks successfully nested here for many years. After 2004, the nesting site remained empty. The Tooni bird, which nested here at the time, has moved to neighboring territory. The nest to which Toon moved was the first nest of black storks with a camera in Estonia in 2005-2010. The black stork returned to the nest seen in the camera only a year or two ago. It's an old artificial nest. Ornithologists built a new platform in the early spring of 2021. Given the critical situation of the black stork in Estonia, it is a small miracle that the storks returned here.

The black stork is a large, mostly black bird with a bronze luster, a red long beak and a white belly. There is almost no difference between a male and a female, the young are dull brown with a gray-green beak.
The black stork lives individually and very secretly. The nest of sticks and branches is usually hidden in the woods in the crowns of old trees or on the rocks. The black stork feeds mainly on fish and other small animals. They hunt them mainly in smaller watercourses. It usually lays 3-5 eggs, from which young with white down hatches hatch after a month. He lives to be over 15 years old.

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Black stork - live

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