Chameleoni document

A documentary on the life of the chameleons. Chameleons belong to a group of lizard species of the Chameleon family. It includes 4 families, all of which belong to the Czech name chameleon. The fundamental rumors about chameleons are that they can change color by the environment. That's not true; it changes color by emotion. They also look each eye separately (monocular vision), and their thrusting tongue is as long as their body.

Chameleon inflates in the event of annoyance, so that the surroundings show that it is large and dyed into the darkest shades of green, brown and black.

In sleep, the chameleon's body is completely relaxed and dyed in bright green. When heated in the sun, it is usually colored in brown shades, as brown receives warmer warmth far better than green.

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