Cheetah in the enclosure of the Port Lympne Animal Park

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Cheetah - description

Two cameras, one outside in the cheetah enclosure, the other in one heated indoor pen.
The cheetah is the fastest animal moving on the ground. It is a slender long-legged animal with a yellowish, black-spotted fur coat. It lives mainly on the savannas of Africa, a small population also survives in Asia. It can develop a speed of around 100 km / h and excels especially in the ability to change acceleration. This makes it one of the most agile mammals in nature. They hunt especially different species of antelopes and gazelles. Cheetahs can mate year-round, but courtship occurs mainly during the rainy season. The female is 90-95 days pregnant, then she throws 3 to 6 kittens in a nest of grass. Mortality is very high, mainly because lions, hyenas or baboons kill them if they find them. Therefore, the mother often transports the kittens from place to place. Nevertheless, only 5% of young survive to one year of age. The mother weanes them at 4 months of age, the young stay with their mother until a year and a half and learn to hunt.
Sexually mature at age three, in the old age they live up to 12 years, captive to 20 years.
In captivity, cheetahs reproduce very poorly.

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Cheetah - live

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