Kondor California webcam from the nest

author: | 3, 2016 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 518 comments

California Condor - description

Critically Endangered California Condor is the largest terrestrial bird in North America. It is all black with a white stripe on the underside of the wings and a bare head whose color ranges from yellowish to bright red. Of all American birds it also has the largest span of wings and is among the hardest of them.

Its food is mostly carrots. He is also one of the longest living birds in the world, and can live up to 50 years. At present, this Condor only occupies the area of ​​Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, California's West Coast, and the North of Baja California.
Thank you to webcam operators:

Special thanks go to all the organizations and the amazing people in them who made it possible,
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Santa Barbara Zoo
Bird Cams
(Cornell Ornithology Laboratory) a
Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology (WFVZ) (Camarillo Bird Museum)

California Condor - Live

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