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California Conrad - Big Sur rehabilitation center

author: Aug 15, 2018North America44 comments

California Condor - Description

The camera is located in the Condor Sanctuary Ventana Wildlife Society's private rehabilitation station in Big Sur, California, 3,2 km east of the Pacific Ocean at 853 m. The shrine is surrounded by pristine US Forest Service land that is clearly visible in the background. The nest is located in a tree of sequoia. Sekhov is a national tree of California. Sekhov is a evergreen coniferous tree with a narrow conical crown reaching the height up to 116 with ages up to 2200 years.
Since the 1997 in Big Sur, California, Ventana Wildlife Society has been in charge of captive condoms.
The young condor is named Pasqually. The female is called Redwood Queen # 190 / and has an 90 number on the tag of her wings, and her dad is King Pin # 167 / and has an 67 number on the wing tag.

California Condor - Live

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