Striped Owl - Florida

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Striped Owl - description

A nest of striped owls is located on private land in Florida. Owls nest just 9 meters from the house, yet they feel safe here. The owls respect the owls and have no pets that would complicate the life of the owls.
New HD cameras are installed for this season.
The hermits use the booth the couple built for them. Cameras and microphones allow you to share their world with the Internet community.
The couple lives on 10 acres in a very rural setting. Surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of open pastures, groves, trees and shrubs that create a good hunting ground for owls.
The nest is mounted on a pine tree and is only 3 years old. Owls used this place for about 5 or 6 years, but used a natural nest. The couple have been providing boxes to owls on the plot since 1996. Last year, a couple of owls raised two chicks at this nesting site.

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Striped Owl - live

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