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Documentary - Wild Horses in Canada

author: | 16, 2017 press | Dokumenty | 0 comments

Mustang- description

Mustang is a wild breed of horse in North America. Mustangs are not original in America. They are the descendants of the horses of the Spanish colonists. It is a relatively small, tough breed with height at the withers 140-160 cm. At present, about 35 lives in the wild and has roughly the same number in state reserves.
The first reports of mustaches come from 16. century and American Indians were initially considered sacred animals. Later they began to hunt and from 17. centuries used as equestrian and towing animals. Mustangs have grown heavily and cowboys are often used to ride. Around 1900, their number was estimated at 2 for millions of pieces, and because they hindered farmers, they began to kill them, comparable to bison discharges a century earlier. The hunt took place, among other things, using off-road vehicles, automatic weapons and helicopters. Meat has been used to produce cheap canned or dog food. Their numbers quickly dropped, until 1959 was banned from motorized hunting on state land. Since 1971, numbers of mustangs have been tracked by BLM (Bureau of Land Management), but because horses are rapidly breeding and Americans are refusing horse meat today, they have a lot of trouble with stock surpluses and big reservations. That's why they try to persuade the people to adopt the horses. Nature conservationists want the numbers in the wild to increase, which is hindered by farmers. About half of the mustangs live in the state of Nevada, significant populations are also in the states of Montana, Wyoming and Oregon.

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