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Documentary about Black Mum

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Mamba Black - description

Mamba Black is the largest poisonous snake in Africa. Typically, the length of the 2,5 meter increases, but it can also reach lengths over the 4,5 meter. The coloring of individual individuals varies from yellow-green to olive-brown to bronze-gray (most often gray in different shades), with the upper part of the body darker, the lower lighter. The species name was given a snake by the color of the mucous membrane inside the muzzle. Mamba Black is one of the fastest snakes in the world, can develop speeds up to 20 km / h.
It lives in open localities - savannas, semi-deserts, grasslands and shrubs. It moves rather on the ground, less on the trees. When it crawls, especially the unfamiliar terrain, it raises the front of the body to look around. Its main food is vertebrates (small mammals, reptiles, birds) that seek out the smell. It is commonly found near human habitat, where it hunts rodents feeding the garbage.
It lives south of the Sahara, almost throughout southern and central Africa, apart from the pronounced forest areas of Central Africa.
Mamba Black is a territorial snake that is usually retreating from danger. But when he feels threatened, he attacks, especially when the threat lies between the snake and his den. Intimidating, threatening, raising his head as high as almost one meter, backing his back to help maintain the balance of the erect body, opening the mouth, revealing the ink-black mucous membrane inside the mouth, extending the neck slightly and moving his head from side to side; simultaneously heats. When the danger does not go away, it strikes.
If a small animal hits, a single bite is enough after which the mamba is pulled and waited for neurotoxic poison to begin to appear. This causes the victim to be absolutely paralyzed. If the bird is a victim, mamba does not pull, but it stays in it. It prevents him from leaving and dying where he would not find it. When he struggles against danger, he bangs his opponent repeatedly.
Black mackerel is highly toxic and dangerous to humans. It is composed of several components - neurotoxins that act on the cerebral and spinal cord of the nervous system, the other components are hemolysins, which decompose red blood cells, anticoagulants that slow blood clotting. The human dose is 10 to 15 mg, with one bite to body of 100 to 120 mg of poison (even up to 400 mg). That's why the mum's bite is almost always fatal for man. Since the poison acts very quickly, it is necessary to apply a specific antiserum immediately after bruising. Death can occur within twenty minutes. The antiserum is rare, expensive and usually involves only people who assume the chance to meet a mummy.
Young mammals are poisonous since birth and can be actively defended for a few minutes after hatching. They have fully developed poison glands that contain 1-2 ml poison, which is enough to kill an adult.

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