A documentary about chimpanzees

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Chimpanzee - description

The chimpanzee is closely related to the ape from the family of hominids belonging to the order of the primates. This family includes two living representatives: the chimpanzee and the chimpanzee bonobo. Both species live in Africa. Chimpanzee's chimpanzee covers black or gray hair except for the ears, cheeks, palms and feet. The faces are usually pink, with darkness darkening until dark. Bonobo is slightly smaller, with a lighter body, smaller teeth, and darker faces. His ears are overlapping with hairs. They are omnivores.
Chimps are active mainly during the day. After the dawn, they go out for food and spend most of their time eating, resting and moving. Like gorillas, they prefer moving on the ground before climbing trees. They walk on all four limbs. For the night after the gorillas of the way each adult builds the nest to rest. We will pour and bend branches with leaves and knit them together. He stays here and sleeps until the morning.
In chimpanzees, more than other animals, we can trace human aspects of behavior. Involvement of loved ones, sharing food, maintaining lasting friendships, lifelong learning, learning to acquire skills, using tools, solving problems together, and recording people, places and events with long-lasting memory. Chimpanzees can also realize themselves. Unlike most other animals, they recognize that the reflection in the mirror is they themselves, and not another chimpanzee.
The chimps lead the most complex social life of all the apes, not counting the human being. They control a wide range of facial expressions, body poses, gestures, shifts, signals and sounds. They can work together to solve a simple problem in nature and in human care. They create and use simple tools.
Although chimpanzees tend to behave moderately and considerably, they are very strong animals that occasionally injure somebody. An adult male chimpanzee has much more strength than an adult male. It is equipped with a wide chest and extremely muscular arms. Chimpanzees often look for duels or territorial skirmishes. Easily pick up and throw big rocks or trunks. Sometimes they create an overflow group that catches and tears apart an animal such as a monkey or arranges a hunt for a neighboring enemy group to kill or female to kidnap. Most chimpanzees have about 20 to 50 members with one or two large, leading males, several young males, and young females. Cases have been reported where such attacks have led to the collapse of a neighboring band over the course of several years. However, chimpanzee warfare is more common than previously thought and is unrelated to human influence. The chimpanzee is also committed to cannibalism.
The home of the cognitive chimpanzee is Western and Central Africa, from Senegal to Tanzania, mainly in Congo, Gabon, Cameroon. Bonobo lives in Central Africa (exclusively in Congo).
The ideal home of chimpanzees are African tropical areas with fruit trees, because the fruits of trees are their main food. The chimp eats 4-5 hours a day. Other delicacies include freshly ground leaves, seeds, soft peel, sap, juicy resin and flowers. Sometimes, nuts and other berries are cracked by stone.
Chimpanzees are predominantly vegetarian, but they also consume animals. The delicacies of the animal kingdom include termites, ants and caterpillars. When a chimpanzee finds a thermite or anthill, he uses the stick to examine it. If the twig is full of tasty chunks, the chimpanzee pulls it out and the insect slips. A group of chimpanzees occasionally collaborates in hunting bigger birds and mammals, including young pigs, monkeys and antelope. They also collaborate on the subsequent banquet.

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