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White-bellied Eagle - description

The white-eared eagle is a predator of the hawk-eyed family.
He lives in Southeast Asia in the region from India and Sri Lanka to Australia. His closest relative is the Sanford eagle living on the Solomon Islands, with which he is a superstition. From a global perspective, it is little touched, but within South Australia and Tasmania it is considered a vulnerable species and is considered to be endangered within Victoria.
Eaglecam was founded in 2009 and has been broadcasting live broadcasts from the Nest Discovery Center ever since
in the Newington Nature Reserve in Sydney Olympic Park, near the Parramatta River.
The EagleCAM program was founded and funded by a small group of volunteers who continue to develop and operate the technology that brings Sea-Eagles to the screen. High definition VCRs provide a very good detailed view of all the actions on the nest. BirdLife Australia gives people the opportunity to observe birds in their natural habitat.
In the Sydney Olympic Park Sea-Eagles, eagles have slight distinct differences. These are not easy to see and can change with light and angle of view. The female Lady has a distinctive mottled pattern on the right wing. Male Dad does not have these characters. The female is larger than the male.

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White-bellied Eagle - live

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