Bald Eagle - nest on rock live

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Eagle's Beloved Nest on the Rock - description

The WE - West End Nest has been monitored since 2006. It is located on the island of Santa Catalina.
Since 2006 3 has been replaced by breeding bald eagles.
The K-01 numbered male was born in 2009 with the female K-67.
In 2014, the female K-67 did not come back to the nest.
In 2015, K-01 co-starred a new female K-91.
The male is named Superman and is ringed. He was numbered on the K-01 wing, lost the number.
The female is ringed. Her number is K-91 and her name is Thunder
The male Superman hatched in 1999, the female Thunder hatched in 2009 in the Two Harbors nest.
No eggs were placed in the 2014 / 2015 season.
In the 2015/2016 season, the couple managed to breed 2 chicks until fully developed, unfortunately one chick died after leaving the nest.
In the nesting season 2017 the couple bred two cubs.
In the 2018 season the couple bred two cubs.
The 2019 season was successful for Superman and Thunder, raising a total of three young eagles. The chicks hatched 17.3, 22.3
On 4 May the pups were ringed. Male 11 / A Bravery, female 26 / A Wištoyo and female 33 / A Waiola
The male Superman, who will be 21 this year, has not been observed on the nest since November 26, 2019. A young male began to appear in the nest area. Male Akecheta - was tagged in 2016 at the Los Pinos nest on Santa Cruz Island. Its federal ring is 709-03085 and is marked with a blue tag on the wings numbered 61.

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Eagle Beloved - nest on rock - live

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