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Eagle Bald Webcam in Minnesota

author: For 5, 2016North America574 comments

Eagle Whitewhite in Minnesota - description

This transmission from the nest of bald eagles is brought to you by the Nongame Wildlife Program MNDNR, which helps to benefit more than 700 wildlife species in Minnesota.
A whole new pair of eagles appears on the nest. They stayed around the nesting area all summer, often adding and grooming branches to the nest and sharing food. The actual pair was distinguished from a former pair or at least a resident female by several physical features. One obvious feature is that none of the new birds is ringed. This pair also shows some differences in behavior. They seem very tied to each other, spending most of their time together.
In November, 2019 installed a microphone on the nest.
More information in English can be found on the operator's website

Eagle Whitewhite in Minnesota - live

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