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Eagle bald webcam in Decorah

author: | Oct 13, 2017 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 646 comments

Bald Eagle - description

The Bald Eagle is a large predatory bird living in North America. It is the national bird and the state symbol of the United States of America. It occurs in most areas of Canada and Alaska, throughout the continental United States and northern Mexico, mostly near large open waters with abundant food supplies and old nesting trees.
The adult individual has brown feathers on the body and white on the head and tail. The tail is not too long and its shape somewhat resembles a triangle. Both males and females are colored the same way. The beak, the claws and the iris have a bald eagle in yellow. He has short, strong fingers with big claws on the unsightly fangs. A fingertip on the back finger pierces vital points on the victim's body, while his forefinger holds her motionless. It has a large beak of hooked shape with yellow rays.
An infant has brown feathers with white spots until their fifth (exceptionally fourth, rarely and third) year when they are sexually mature. The Bald Eagle is a large bird with body length 70-102 centimeters, 1,68-2,44 meter wingspan and 2,5-7 kilogram weight. The females are roughly a quarter bigger than the male, the average weight is 5,8 kg and in the case of the male 4,1 kg. Body dimensions vary according to the geographical location - the smallest individuals live in Florida, where the male exceptionally exceeds the weight of 2,3 kg and the 1,8 meter wingspan, on the contrary, the largest live in Alaska, where a large female can exceed the weight of 7,5 kg and a range of 2,4 meters
In the wild there is an average of twenty years, the oldest can live up to thirty years and in captivity even longer. In one case, a captive in New York has been living 50 for years. Just as dimensions, life expectancy is affected by the place of occurrence.
It produces faint, whirling sounds that are more pronounced in a younger than an adult.

This nest of Bald Eagles is located near the ostrich hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.

Bald Eagle - Live

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