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Eagle Owl - webcam from the nest in Germany

author: | Feb 22, 2020 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 240 comments

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Families of large eagles live in the courtyard of the castle ruins of Königstein.
During the breeding season, the inner courtyard is closed to visitors, but birds can be seen from the bird tower.
The camera transmits 24/7 live streaming.

Eagle Owl
The Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) is Europe's largest owl; this is also reflected in his English name, which can be translated as eagle owl. It reaches a span of 180 centimeters and a weight of two to three kilograms.
During the day he hides on rocks or old trees, in the evening he flies into the open countryside. Its nest is only a shallow hole on the ground or on a rock cliff, but sometimes occupies the old nests of predators. It does not avoid the proximity of human settlements, sometimes nesting in the quarries used. They feed on birds and mammals up to the size of a smaller hare, hunting in a silent flight low above the terrain. When hunting is oriented mainly hearing.
At the time of the flow in February and early March, the male calls his not very loud "angles", which he repeats hundreds of times. Young birds are not yet able to rule out this characteristic call. When they leave the nest, they hiss - a certain sign that the district is occupied. The eagle owls nest in March and April, sitting on eggs for about 35 days. The young climb up the rock wall at the age of 20 days, long before they can fly. Endangered, particularly protected.

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