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Eagle Smallest - webcam

author: | 9, 2018 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 63 comments

Eagle's smallest - description

The nest is located in the Spanish National Park Sierra de Guadarrama.

The smallest eagle is a small to medium sized predator of the hawk family, reaching the size of a forest hawk.
The monster differs, among other things, by six (with a hump of five) by finger fingers. Adult birds are found in two color variants - dark and light. Birds of dark form have a dark brown base of the body with a rusty tinge, and in flight a lighter inner handgun. Birds of light form have a base of the body white, contrasting with black squadrons. Above are the birds of both forms brown, with light brown large cups, whitish skeleton, a small white spot on the front edge of the wings at the head, and a few lightheads on the blades. It nests in forests with open-air landscapes, rarely flew into the Czech Republic.
In 2017, the first in the world managed to successfully breed this captive in the Liberec Zoo.

Eagle smallest - live

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