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Eagle Sea Documentary

author: | 23, 2017 press | Dokumenty | 0 comments

Eagle Sea - description

The sea eagle is a large species of hawk-eater family belonging to the largest eagles ever living. It lives in the vicinity of the waters of Europe and Asia and feeds mainly on fish and birds. In the past, many areas of Europe, especially as a result of human persecution, have completely disappeared, from 80. flight 20. but its number began to rise again.
The Eagle is the largest European eagle and the largest predator in the Czech Republic. The length of his body is 76-92 cm and 190-240 cm is measured in the wingspan. The weight of the male is approximately 4 kg, for the female 7 kg. Dark-brown coloration, only white tail, or other lighter areas on the head and neck. In flight, it is easy to recognize the characteristic appearance of long wide wings with long handguns. The tail is wedge-shaped, its coloring changes dramatically throughout life. It passes from brown young birds, over brown-marbled to white, with brown edges of nippers in sexually mature individuals. Likewise, light elderly birds not only head and chest, where the original brown (white peaty) color can go up to brownish, but also the beak, which turns from brown to bright yellow. The unsupported legs are yellow. Male and female differ only in size.
Adult birds do not have any natural predator in nature, the greatest threat to them is human activity. In the early stages of nesting, they are sensitive to disturbance, so the presence of people near the nest can lead to abandonment. When the wood is extracted, the nesting site may be destroyed.
They nest individually at the edges of the flooded areas, in the lake, pond and coastal areas. Engagement flights in mild weather occur already in the second half of December, but usually between January and March. Both birds climb at a loud call up to the point where the male starts darting on a female who turns over at the last moment and sets the claws against the males.
The nest is a huge structure of strong branches, lined with thin branches, grass or debris, located on trees, rocks, reeds and tundra and on the ground (in the Czech Republic exclusively on trees, most often on pines). About two birds are involved in its construction, which lasts about 2,5 a week. A pair is used repeatedly under convenient conditions, although it may alternate several nests at different times. The nest diameter reaches 100-160 cm, the height of the new nest 60 cm. Each year, however, the nest arrives a bit, so after several years it can reach a height of two meters and a weight of several hundred kilograms.
It nests 1x a year, replacing the snack only in case of early destruction of eggs. In Central Europe, it usually begins to nest in February when the 1-2 white eggs are placed in the nest, measuring 74,7 x 57,9 mm and 141-145 g. They are tolerated at 2-5 days and incubated by both birds for approx. 38 days. At the beginning, young people feed only the females who tease them all, after the 5-6 weeks they have already preached prey and presented to them a male. Feeding time on the nest is about 70-75 days. Even after leaving the nest, the puppies first stay nearby and their parents feed them for at least 1 moon. Sexual maturity reaches the age of 5-6 years. In the wild, the highest recorded age is 34 years.

However, the illegal introduction of poisoned baits, which has become widespread in recent years, is much more serious. The one most commonly used is the carbofuran insecticide. Although any laying of bait baits is illegal for more than 40 years, it is currently present to such an extent that it may cause the disappearance of seabirds from the Czech Republic within a few years.

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