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Rock Eagle - description

The Rock Eagle is one of the largest terestrically living eagles in the Northern Hemisphere and right after the eagle's largest predator living in the Czech Republic. It has a large area of ​​expansion - it inhabits North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa.
The Rock Eagle is a sturdy bird with a long tail, large and strong joints, a strong beak and wide wings that have gaps between the airplanes to achieve a higher buoyancy when hovering. Color and size are visibly different by a few subspecies (see below). Like many other predators, the eagles of the rocky female are significantly larger than the males. The color of the feathers ranges from black-brown to dark brown with a golden shade on the crown of the head and neck, which also earned its English name Golden Eagle. The back is also usually lighter than the abdominal part of the body. Gender is not different from each other. Young birds have bright pens on the wings and at the root of a tail that disappears in their fifth year of life.

The nest of rock eagles is located in Latvia

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Rock Eagle - live

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