Eagle marine webcam from the nest

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Sea eagle - description

The sea eagles' nest is located in Matsalu National Park.
The camera is installed in the oldest known nesting area of ​​the sea eagle in Estonia. The first records of the WTE nesting in Matsal date back to 1870. And even then it was noted that "the nest has been inhabited for many years". The nest visible on the webcam was built by sea eagles in 1996, after their previous nest was on a tree that withered - the previous nest was found in 1990. The current nest was permanently and annually inhabited and the eagles bred a total of 29 eagles among 1996 and 2020, it is a very productive nesting ground. This area is very suitable for the sea eagle - Matsalu Bay and the surrounding pastures - and as proof of this, another pair of eagles began to nest very close to the pair visible in the nesting camera. The distance between two pairs is less than a kilometer. Eagles nesting this year Eve and Eerik have no rings.

The camera was installed on the nest at the beginning of February by Urmas Sellis (Eagle Club Estonia), Omar Neiland (Beta Grupp OÜ) and assistants from the Estonian Environment Council. They use an AXIS F41 camera with a custom-made microphone from Omar. The main part of the camera is under the nest on the tree trunk, but the lens and sensor are at the level of the nest.

The camera is powered by solar panels, and to save power, the camera turns off when it gets dark and the batteries are low. Live broadcast from the nest is resumed at sunrise. The camera image is transmitted via the 4G mobile internet, so that in the event of intensive use of the network, the transmission may be interrupted. The camera is streamed through the Eagle Club Estonia channel.

sea ​​Eagle is a species of hawk-predator belonging to the largest living eagles at all.
It lives near water and feeds mainly on fish and birds. It is predominantly found throughout Europe and Asia. Unlike other types of eagles, it is the lowland inhabitant.
sea ​​Eagle is one of the most beautiful animals of our bird world, which can not be confused with other predators. The wingspan is almost 2,5 m. The female is significantly larger than the male.

sea ​​Eagle is ranked among critically endangered species of our fauna. Still, they are persecuted, threatened by the use of poisoned baits in the form of dead animals impregnated with poison or illegal blasts.

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Sea eagle - webcam from the nest - live

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