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Sea eagle - description

Online camera nests in Latvia
The nest is located in the district of Kurzeme, Durbe. This territory has been known since 2014. The nest is interesting because it is built on a tree at a height of 30 meters, which eagles choose very rarely.
The live broadcast shows viewers nature as it is. With beautiful moments and the roughness of nature.
Organizations do not interfere in natural processes, except when birds would be endangered by human activity.

sea ​​Eagle is a species of hawk-predator belonging to the largest living eagles at all.
It lives near water and feeds mainly on fish and birds. It is predominantly found throughout Europe and Asia. Unlike other types of eagles, it is the lowland inhabitant.
sea ​​Eagle is one of the most beautiful animals of our bird world, which can not be confused with other predators. The wingspan is almost 2,5 m. The female is significantly larger than the male.

sea ​​Eagle is ranked among critically endangered species of our fauna. Still, they are persecuted, threatened by the use of poisoned baits in the form of dead animals impregnated with poison or illegal blasts.

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Sea eagle - live

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