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Canadian Rys - Documentary

author: Feb 25, 2019Dokumenty0 comments

Canadian Rysy - Description

Canadian Rys is one of four species of features originally living throughout the northern hemisphere, especially in North America. It occupies the deep forests of Canada, Newfoundland, Alaska and the surrounding Great Lakes in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Colorado. Its field has the size of 10-50 km2 (even more) and its feature is called urine.

The Canadian rhythm reaches a maximum of 1 and is about half the size of the island. Characteristic feature is striking coat on cheeks and up to 10 cm long thick and soft coat, light gray in summer and silvery silver in the winter. The tail is about ten centimeters long, stubby with a black end. It reaches a maximum of 15 kg of weight. The females may have up to five young ones that are breast-feeding at the age of five months; however, the kittens are able to receive meat for one month. In the Czech Republic, she had the features of the Canadian, for example, the Ostrava Zoo - since 1998 has managed to rearing nearly thirty youngsters, but in 2010 the zoo ended with the breeding.


Canadian Rys - Documentary

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