Vulture Feeding - Israel

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Vulture Feeding - description

For the first time, you can watch a live broadcast from the feeding grounds of bald vultures and scavengers in Israel. The kennel is located in the Hai-Bar Carmel Nature Reserve under the leadership of the Israel Office of Nature and Parks. The purpose is to provide clean food without veterinary drugs. The place is located near a rehabilitation and rescue station, where vultures are released back into the wild. The site was chosen to provide a food source for the vulture population living in Carmel, Israel, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to poisoning and dangerous contaminants. In addition to bald vultures and scavengers, other birds can be observed, such as gray crows, ravens, other predators and herons. Vultures from the Golan, the Judean Desert, the Negev and even the Balkans visit this place all year round.
The camera was installed and maintained by a nature and park conservation group (The Shamir Research Institute and the Institute of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Haifa) and funded by a private donor. The camera was placed in full cooperation with the Israel Office for Nature and Parks.

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Vulture feeding - live

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