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The ZooCam team has begun to feed feral pigs in the Brdy field to pack a HD video camera.
At the first video we ran a herd of wild pigs that read about 8 adult females and almost 20 young pigs. Those who were most distracted came about 1 meter from us, so we managed to make such detailed shots

On the second video, it is possible to see about 6 of adult wild boar - females of various ages. The oldest and largest was the least frightening and therefore came to be fed to the reach of the hand.

Wild Pig - Source: Wiki

The wild pig is a large alfalfa. Adult males have a length of 120 - 180 cm and measured at 55 - 100 cm at the withers. Their weight is very varied and differs in individual areas, but on average it makes 50 - 90 kg. In France, a male weighing full 1999 kg was shot in 277, while in Romania and Russia, even males weighing almost 300 kg were recorded.

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