ZooCam on the goats, or a short video from the goat paddock in the Příbram region.

Only female of different age and size can be seen in the enclosure

Domestic goat - wiki

Domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a smaller domesticated ruminant, one of the oldest commercial animals, one of whom is 10 for a thousand years. Over the course of history, more than three hundred breeds of goats, differing in size, body shape, color, and performance, were grown by humans. Goats live on all continents and settle a diverse range of habitats from alpine areas to deserts and tropical forests.
Domestic goat is one of the oldest domesticated species. For thousands of years, goats have been reared for their milk, meat, fur and skin on all continents except Antarctica. In the last century they have gained popularity even as pets.

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