Stork black webcam from a nest in Latvia

author: | May 12, 2016 | Evropa, Live cameras from nature | 350 comments

Black stork - description

Stork black is from the stork family. Black stork is a large, predominantly black bird with bronze shining, a red long beak and a white belly. There is little difference between male and female. The youngsters are dull brown with a gray-green beak.

This shy, rarer inhabitant of mountain forests, hills and alluvial forests lives individually and very secretly. A nest of sticks and branches is hidden in forests in the crowns of old trees or rocks. It is spread in most of Central and Eastern Europe and in milder regions of Asia to the Far East. European and West Asian populations stretch for Central and West Africa in winter, others to India and China.

They live mostly with fish and other small animals that fish mainly in smaller watercourses. They usually tolerate 3-5 eggs from which the chicks with white feathers are hatched after a month. Stork is experiencing age over 15 years.

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Black stork - live

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