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Gray heron - description

Volavka is abundant in all continents of the Eastern Hemisphere. It belongs among the abundant representatives of the voices. It is included in the category of species of minor concern. It searches for food-rich waters, from slow-flowing rivers, to lakes. It is in the Czech Republic the heron is ash the most abundant heron.

Volavka is characterized by great patience. Long minutes stood in shallow water and lurking on prey. When a smaller fish appears near her, she throws up her sinuously curled neck and attacks her. If the fish hits, it raises its head back and the fish disappears in a wide esophagus. Herons swallow fish long to 25 cm. They hunt small small fish weeds and fish sick. Often, the fish are lemonaged.

Gray Heron - live

[: en]

Online cam from nest of gray heron

Heron is spread on continents of the Eastern hemisphere of the Earth. It searches for waters full of food, from slowly flowing rivers to lakes. In Czech republic is gray heron the most common member of heron family.

Heron is well-known for his patience. Long minutes it is standing in the water and waiting for its prey. When it's heron near some small fish, it pulls its long S-curved neck and attacks. If it is successful, the fish will disappear in its throat. Heron can swallow fish long even 25 cm. It hunts small fish and sometimes picks up some dead fish from the surface of the water.    [: de]

Camera aus Nest von Graureiher

heron ist auf den Kontinenten der östlichen Hemisphäre der Erde zu verbreiten. This is the Wasser voller Lebensmittel, von langsam Flüsse zu Seen fließt. In der Tschechischen Republik ist Graureiher das häufigste Mitglied der Reiherfamilie.

heron ist bekannt für seine Geduld. Lange Minuten wird im im Wasser stehen und auf seine Beute warten. Wenn Reiher in der Nähe von einegem kleinen Fisch ist, zieht er seine langen S-gekrümmten Hals und Angriffe. Wenn es erfolgreich ist, verschwindet Fisch in seiner Kehle. Heron kann Fischer lange sogar 25 cm schlucken. Er jagt kleine Fischen and manchmal nimmt einige tote Fischen von der Oberfläche des Wassers auf. [: Fr]

Caméra de nid de héron cendré

Heron is a department of the continents of the East of the Earth. The search for eagles, food education in the rivals of lakes. In the Czech Republic is héron cendré their members are plus communes from the famille de héron.

Heron it's good to be patient. Long minutes away, the water and water debut is projec. When the hell before those small fish, the long tail and the S-belt attacks. If it is possible to dispose of it in the gorge. Heron can lift the fish to a length of 25 cm. The small fish and ramasse are close to the dead surface of the water surface.

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