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Hyeny - documentary film

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Hyena stained - description

Spotted Hyena is the largest species of hyenas occurring in Africa south of the Sahara.
When hunting, it can run at 65 km / h. Of all African carnivorous mammals, the jaw has the strongest force. He does not have competition in African carpets. It also lifts big bones that crush with strong jaws and spend with acidic juices in the stomach. Hyenas live in hierarchically ordered clones of 5-30 individuals. They are dominated by the dominant females. After 4 months of pregnancy, the female in the underground nursery will give birth to the 1-3 chicks. They are also reproduced by the inferior females. However, the male female leader inherits social status and has different privileges compared to other offspring. Young males leave the pack in adolescence, females usually remain. . Spotted Hyena is a relatively large animal with a robust structure. Her body measures 95-166 cm, tail 40 cm. Weight is most common between 45 and 70 kg. Gender in hyen is very difficult to distinguish, females are slightly larger than males.

Hyena stained - document

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