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Wood Hawk - webcam

author: Oak 1, 2016Evropa, Live cameras from nature209 comments

Forest Hawk - Description

2 webcam from nest of forest hawks

1 camera - nest located in southern England
2 camera - Nest in Latvia

Forest Hawk is a predator who, as the name suggests, lives in the woods. They belong to the crab family. He is very skillful and quickly attacks a short distance. They live mostly pigeons, hens, pheasants, and without hunger or rabbit. Forest Hawk is present in Europe, North America, North and Central Asia. In our country it is found in most areas. The female is one third larger than the male and reaches the size of the bitch.

The hawk nest can be found high on the trees. Seeks quiet places. Under favorable conditions, the hawk pair uses one nest for several years behind. March to May tolerate females up to 4 eggs, which heats most of the time. A male several times a day brings the female food and briefly replaces it in warming. After three weeks, the young can tease the food itself.

Forest Hawk - live

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