Red-tailed Buzzard - New York

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Red-tailed Buzzard - description

Enjoy watching the activities of the red-tailed buzzard nest built on the ledge in the corner of the arcade at Lyman Hall at the University of Syracuse. A devoted paired couple, SU-Sue and Otto, have been nesting there since 2012!

Canoe rudoocasá
The Red-tailed Canal is a medium-sized predatory bird of the hawk family. It breeds almost throughout North America ranging from western Alaska and northern Canada to Panama and the Caribbean and belongs among the most abundant North American hawks. It occurs in 14 subdirectories that differ in color and area of ​​extension.
The red-tailed buzzard grows 45-65 cm and measures 110-145 cm in the wingspan, while females tend to be about 25% larger on average than males. The weight in adults is usually between 690-1600 g. The top is brown, the bottom is lighter with pronounced brown splatters and the tail is characteristically brick. He is monogamous. The clutch counts 2-3 eggs, on which it sits for 28-35 days.

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Red-tailed Buzzard - live

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