Red-tailed Buzzard - webcam

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Red-tailed Buzzard - description

The Red-tailed Canal is a medium-sized predatory bird of the hawk family. It breeds almost throughout North America ranging from western Alaska and northern Canada to Panama and the Caribbean and belongs among the most abundant North American hawks. It occurs in 14 subdirectories that differ in color and area of ​​extension.
The reddish canary tree grows 45 - 65 cm and measures 110 - 145 cm in the wingspan, while females are on average about 25% larger than males. The weight in adults is usually between 690-1600 g. It is brown above, the lighter is lighter with pronounced brown sprays and the tail is characteristically brick-colored.
It occupies a wide variety of locations at different altitudes, including deserts, pastures, coniferous, deciduous and tropical rain forests, farmland and urban areas. It is protected in Canada, Mexico and the United States.
In particular, it eats small mammals, but also birds, reptiles and, more rarely, bats, snakes, fish, crustaceans and insects. The composition of her food varies according to the area and season, but 85% of her food usually occupies rodents. It's monogamous. She puts 2 - 3 eggs on which she sits for 28 - 35 days.
Thanks to its still relatively high abilities and easy training, it is often used in falconry. It is also of importance to some of the original North American tribes, who considered her to be sacred and used them in religious ceremonies.

Red-tailed Buzzard - live

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