Banded Buzzard - Ohio webcam

author: | Oak 23, 2020 | North America, Live cameras from nature | 31 comments

Banded Buzzard - description

The nest is located in Marietta, Ohio.

Banded Buzzard (Buteo lineatus) is a medium-sized buzzard nesting in forests in eastern North America, California and Mexico. It is partially tensile. It grows 43–61 cm, measures 94–111 cm in the wingspan and weighs 486–774 g. The upper part is mostly brown and white, the base of the body is orange with white stripes and the limbs are yellow. The tail is dark, with a number of light, stripes clearly visible in flight. It hunts small vertebrates, mostly mammals, but also birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is monogamous] and nests on trees, in one clutch there are 2-5 light, brown-spotted eggs, on which they sit for about 33 days.

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Buzzard - live

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