Koala bear in Lone Pine Nature Reserve

author: | Feb 12, 2020 | Australia, Live cameras from nature | 7 comments

Koala Bear - Description

The Lone Pine Reserve was founded in 1927.
Although they have plenty of seating, these koalas often choose to sleep stacked in a group embrace - sometimes 3 or 4 in a row. Visitors to the shrine and webcam observers can see a number of their daily cuddles.

While in general the koala is a solitary species, many koalas on Lone Pine have grown up together to form close ties with their roommates. The show standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries require each koala to have at least two rest forks at a time, but the Lone Pine Cuddle Train guys have a total of 27 different rest places on display. Despite having enough space to sleep independently, they decided to sleep close together.

Koala spends between 18-20 hours a day sleeping or relaxing to save energy. Their food source, eucalyptus leaf, does not provide much nutritional value and is mainly fiber and water. Koalas in Lone Pine receive daily fresh eucalyptus, which is harvested from their own plantations.

Thank you to webcam operators: https://koala.net/

Koala Bear - Live

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