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Little Speech - Description

The small clam is a small type of owl from the family of puškovití.
The lesson is a very tiny owl with feathers on his head. It achieves the wingspan between 45-63 cm. It weighs roughly 70-85 g [4], exceptionally 100 g. Typical feather colors are brown, gray and black with white blend. The excerpt can perfectly blend with the surrounding environment, its masking very much like the bark of common trees.
The narrative is spread mainly in southern and eastern Europe and in western Asia. In winter, it leaves for Central Africa, where it returns in the spring (usually in the second half of April). It nests in deciduous and mixed forests, woodlands, groves, parks and gardens. In the Czech Republic it is extremely rare. For the first time, it was seen nesting in 1998, since then, several observations have been recorded since then. The number of nesting pairs is totally negligible, reaching 1-3.
It nests in the cavities, cracks and niches in the wall, or in abandoned nests, does not build its own nest. The nest chooses a male, protects him vigorously and attracts the female with a monotonous whistling. The female will show satisfaction with the nest by keeping it on the day. It puts 2-8 (most often 4-5) white eggs. She sits alone in the nest, the male feeds on it. 24-26 days hatch youngsters cared for by both parents. After three weeks, youngsters can leave the nest, but they are still in their neighborhood and their parents feed and help with the first hunts. The curse lives up to 12 years.
The small-clamor catches in the early evening and at night, and most of all, insect species. After catching, he searches his branch for a branch. Like all owls, it has a narrowed angle of view, but it can compensate by rotating the head.

Lesson Small - Live

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