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Lumík - documentary

author: Led 18, 2019Dokumenty0 comments

Lumík - popis

Lumick is a rodent, has a small blunt snout, thick coat, and a short tail. They usually live in or near the Arctic, in the tundra.
Lumines weigh from 30 to 112 g and are about 7-15 cm long. They are herbivores, mostly fed leaves and shoots, grass and especially reeds, but also roots and tubers. As with other rodents, their incisors grow gradually and allow them to survive on much harsher diets than otherwise would be possible.
Lumines do not cut through the severe Nordic winter. They remain active, looking for food by raking in the snow and using the grass they had previously fed and stowed. They are naturally lonely, they only meet to mating and then go their way again, but like all rodents, they have a high reproduction rate and in good seasons they can quickly reproduce. Zimu survive in the ragged snow in the snow, which makes them an insulating layer and protects them from predators. In order to get them better in the snow, they grow on the front paws of the longer blade claw.

Lumík - documentary

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