Bear's Deer in Romania

author: | Mar 23, 2018 | Carnivores, Live cameras from nature | 104 comments

Brown bear - description

The brown bear is a mighty beast with strong limbs with large, 15 cm long claws, long hair and a large round head. Coat color differs greatly from one subspecies, but generally ranges from yellowish to dark black. Many individuals also have a white or silvery hue,
resulting in a grayish appearance. Even the size is not fixed and fluctuates in individual populations according to the amount of food available. The smallest subspecies are the Syrian bear and the largest bear cod.

The presence of a brown bear can also be traced back to its characteristic traces - the front is wider, the back is reminiscent of the footprint of the human foot, only strong claws are visible. Gender is different in size (the male is about 38-50% larger than the female, young people have a white stripe on the throat until the second year of life.

Bear stickleback - live

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